For The Love Of Blood
By Alex Severin

This is Alex Severin's first collection: "For The Love Of Blood" which is now available through Gothic Press: Publishers Of The Abstract. This collection is highly reccomended and includes
'Dripping Red Kisses", 'This Scarlet Bliss', 'In The Flesh', 'Inside You', 'I Love You To Death' and 'Bite Me'. "For The Love Of Blood" is some of the darkest and most provacative Gothic Erotica to come along in a great while.



"I can remember the exquisiteness of the pain as you sliced into the plump, soft flesh of my lips; I felt the heat of my own spill run down my face like the juice of some exotic and succulent fruit.  I cut you then; the sight of the radiant red elixit dripping from your torn lip made me salivate, my own blood mixing with the running juices in my ravenous mouth..."

(excerpt from "Dripping Red Kisses")
"I was frenzied, maddened by the desire to tenderly kiss his heart.  My hands seemed to work on pulling apart his rib cage without my consent.  I had to do this, I needed to do this and if I did not I felt that I would die."

"And there it was before me - his heart; passionate red and veined with bruised blue.  I kissed it and kissed it and kissed it until I screamed with rage and grief and loss but still tears of unrivalled bliss almost sizzled on my burning skin.  I was being reborn and redeemed, absolved by my lover, my saviour..."

(excerpt from "In The Flesh")

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